Yoga In Nature

17, 24 July 2019 2:00 - 4:00 FREE

Yoga in Nature (or Eco-Yoga) has been described as a “Spa Treatment for the Soul”, but also has a number of other health/life benefits, including:

  • Conscious breathing - we bring pure oxygen directly to the lungs, heart and brain function.
  • Releasing toxins, tension, negative feelings while increasing our cell’s life.
  • Developing environmental consciousness.
  • Creating a new experience, changing our old patterns.
  • Sharpening the practice concentration.
  • Training ourselves in balance, because the ground forces us to make the right effort.
  • Learning to be at ease. The mind quiets easily so we can cultivate inner peace.
  • Learning to adjust and grow feelings of happiness by going outside of our box.
  • Feeling and living in harmony with our environment

Practicing as a group with people in our community we build stronger relationships and feelings of connectedness and less social isolation.

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