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Taking Action and Sharing Ideas

We know there is a growing movement for individuals and communities to come together, take collective action and be the difference that is needed to make positive improvements in their local area. 

At CoLab Exeter we are passionate about ideas and promoting opportunities for people to make new connections, co-create, and unite in taking practical action that will be of benefit in their community.  

If you are inspired to get involved or would like to explore ways to get your ideas underway get in touch


CoLab hosts a VCQA registered Volunteer Centre. We work with over 250 community, voluntary and charitable groups in the area to promote, broker, and identify suitable roles for volunteers in the area. Find volunteering opportunities here

We offer information, support and specialist training to organisations working with volunteers, and personal training and one to one support packages for volunteers and people looking to get involved in their local community. If you are looking for volunteers to support your organisation, we can advertise your volunteer opportunities at Colab and online.

If you are inspired to get involved and volunteer, or if you are looking for support for your organisation get in touch


Volunteer Opportunities at Colab Exeter

We will soon be launching some new volunteer roles at Colab Exeter, if you are interested in finding out more about these opportunities please get in touch. All of our opportunities are posted on Facebook and Twitter so why not follow us to stay up to date with what is happening, see links at the bottom of the page. 

Collaboration in Action

Made Open

Colab is working in partnership with Devon County Council and Made Open, to launch a new online community exchange platform for Exeter.

Made Open Exeter will allow individuals, groups and organisations to ‘make an offer’ or ‘make a request’ for support or collaboration in their community. The platform will allow people to exchange time, skills, ideas, or resources with those who need it. The platform aims to increase opportunities for people to volunteer, help each other out, be more locally connected and come together to take positive action around local issues.

By focusing on what communities have to offer each other rather than focusing on their problems and needs the platform aims to incentivise people to do more for their community by offering credits for their time spent supporting local people and projects.

The platform will link up with local organisations and businesses to offer a variety of goods, experiences, learning opportunities, or services as credits and incentives for those taking part.

The idea is to create a mutually beneficial marketplace for individuals, communities, and businesses to connect with each other and work together to co-design and shape improvements to their local area, the local economy, and community support networks.

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