Flourish – staying well, staying connected - Free online course

Wednesday 8th April 10.30am – 11.30am and Wednesday 15th April 10.30am – 11.30am FREE Online Live Course

In addition to these two workshops we will provide resources online (available on our CoLab website) including webinars to listen to, links to follow to more interesting places to read or learn.

If you are interested in taking part you will need to register with learn@colabexeter.org.uk Please give your name and the course you would like to register on.

The number of learners participating in the workshops will be limited so please sign up soon.

You will then receive an email invitation to join the live sessions via Zoom. For anyone who is not familiar with Zoom – it is a free piece of software that you can download onto your PC of laptop or to your smart phone as an app). Instructions on how to get zoom will be on our website soon.

Workshop 1: Staying connected

Positive inspiration, understanding challenges and responses, exploring what keeps us grounded and connected to ourselves and each other

What to expect

A group of likeminded people interested in connecting and learning

We will start with introductions and welcomes along with a group agreement and guidance about how to learn on line. Your tutor will guide you through a range of conversations and activities – all you will need is a computer/smart phone, internet access, pen and paper and a curious mind.

Before the first session please think about two things;

  1. Someone that inspires you and why, it can be anyone at all – past or present – think about the reasons they inspire you
  2. Be ready to share 1 thing that has challenged you in the last 2 weeks and 1 thing you would like to celebrate

Learning will unfold during the session around creative connection, what keeps us grounded and where we need to focus our attention. Will we talk about “roots” and connection.

At the end of the session your tutor will ask you to do a little bit of thinking and writing between Workshop 1 and 2 (no essays! Just a little bit of reflection)

Workshop 2: staying well

Exploring 5 ways to wellbeing and 6 pillars of resilience

After saying good morning, we will discuss the little bit of writing that people have done in between workshops.

Your tutor will share some insights into resilience by exploring the 5 ways to wellbeing and the 6 pillars of resilience (all of which will be supported by offline resources available on the CoLab website) in conversation with the learning group.

We will explore the mind and body partnership and talk about what next.

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